Keep Your Trees Neat and Healthy

Keep Your Trees Neat and Healthy

Rely on us for tree trimming services in or around Battle Ground, Lafayette, & West Lafayette, IN

If your trees are starting to look heavy and overgrown, it's time to give them some attention. Taking care of your trees yourself can be dangerous, but Indiana Tree Service Plus is here to help by providing tree pruning and tree trimming services in Battle Ground, Lafayette, & West Lafayette, IN.

Whether you think a branch is about to fall or you just want to neaten up the look of your tree, you can turn to us for help. Plus, we'll turn the debris into wood chips and haul it all away faster.

Call 765-714-5011 to speak with our team about tree trimming services.

Let the professionals handle the job

When you need tree pruning or trimming done, you shouldn't have to do it yourself. Letting a professional service handle your trimming and pruning is a better idea because...

  • Professionals have the expertise to safely cut away dead and excess branches
  • Professionals are bonded, licensed and insured for their protection and yours
  • Professionals have the tools to haul away the debris once the job is complete

Don't put yourself in unnecessary physical and financial risk by trimming your trees yourself. Contact a professional today to schedule tree trimming services.